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SAFE Money Millionaire Retirement Strategies

1. Safety of Principal

2. Locked-in Gains

3. Tax-Free Growth

4. Tax-Free Distribution

5. Tax-Free Death Benefit

6. Liquidity to Protect Equity in a Home or Business

7. No Federal Dollar Amount Restrictions on Funding

8. Not Subject to IRS Penalty Fees for Early Withdrawals prior to Age 59 1/2 (or at ANY age for that matter)

9. No Required Minimum Distributions

Tax Free Retirement!  Do you have a 401k, IRA or 403b?

You may be setting yourself and your family up for Heavy, Immediate and More Importantly, UNECESSARY Taxes.

Structured properly, we can not only help you avoid heavy taxes, but also Stock Market Downturns, Inflation and Outliving your Retirement Income. Our strategies are an effective way to provide both a safety net for your family for UNPLANNED events and additionally supplement the cash funding that will be necessary for PLANNED events such as college tuition, large purchases and retirement with the following advantages: